How to Make Money as a Pet Blogger

Do you have a passion for pets and a knack for writing? If so, you may be able to turn your love of animals into a lucrative blogging business. Pet blogging has exploded in popularity in recent years, with influencers like Marnie the Dog and Doug the Pug amassing millions of followers across social media.

Cartoon of diverse dog breeds together in a park
"A delightful mix of dog breeds showcases the diversity of our canine companions."

With the right strategy, you can jump on this trend and start making money from your own pet blog. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through how to monetize a pet blog through various methods like Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, online courses, merchandise, and more.

Crafting the Perfect Hook: Welcome to the World of Pet Influencing

Got a photogenic furball at home? Their cuteness could be your ticket to blogging success. The world of pet influencing offers exciting possibilities to turn your passion into profits. This guide uncovers the art of monetizing a pet blog, from building your brand to watching the dollars roll in.

10 Proven Ways to Monetize Your Pet Blog

1. Display Advertising with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to start earning from your blog. This program allows you to display targeted Google ads on your site and earn money every time a visitor clicks on them.


  • Earn money from day one with minimal effort.
  • Google ads are highly targeted to your niche and content.
  • You have full control over ad placement and appearance.
  • Earnings can add up to a steady revenue stream.


  • AdSense lacks a mobile app, making optimization tricky on the go.
  • Reporting and analytics aren't as robust as some other ad platforms.

By placing AdSense ads in the right locations, you can start cashing in on your pet blog's traffic. Just be sure to abide by Google's policies to avoid getting banned.

2. Sell Digital Products

Want to earn while you sleep? Creating digital products can lead to passive income opportunities. From ebooks to online courses, the possibilities are endless.


  • Products can be accessed instantly from anywhere in the world.
  • Scalable - serve thousands of customers without extra work.
  • Very cost-effective - no physical goods to produce and ship.


  • Digital products can easily be shared illegally.
  • Require tech skills or paid services to produce.

With the right digital product tailored to your audience, your pet blog can fetch you recurring downloads and dollars.

3. Sell Physical Products

Take your pet blog brand to the next level by selling merch. Items like t-shirts, mugs, and other accessories let fans show off their love for your furry influencer.


  • Physical goods create stronger brand attachment.
  • Tangible items tend to have higher perceived value.
  • Merchandise boosts customer loyalty and awareness.


  • Fulfilling and shipping orders can be challenging.
  • Physical goods cost more to produce and deliver.

Pet merchandise can become a lucrative side business that also expands your blog's real-world presence.

Illustration of a presentation on rabbits with an attentive audience
An engaging session on rabbit care captures the audience's attention.

4. Get Paid for Speaking Engagements

Turn your pet expertise into a paid pastime. Look for speaking opportunities at pet industry conferences and events.


  • Speaking allows you to reach and inspire new audiences.
  • A fun way to get paid for sharing your passion.
  • Event organizers often cover travel expenses.


  • Mastering public speaking is tough for beginners.
  • Attending conferences can get expensive.

With a compelling speech and some industry connections, your pet can become a star on the speaker circuit.

5. Write Sponsored Posts

Let your pet blog pay the bills through sponsored content opportunities. Brands will pay to have their products featured in your posts.


  • Earn money while creating your usual content.
  • A chance to partner with relevant brands.
  • Sponsored posts can increase your reach and exposure.


  • Can blur editorial lines and affect your credibility.
  • Negotiating deals is time-consuming.

By sticking to brands you genuinely like, sponsored posts can be a lucrative way to monetize your pet blog.

Pet blogger typing on laptop with a dog beside
A pet blogger shares insights on monetizing a blog while a furry friend lounges nearby.

6. Do Sponsored Reviews

From pet toys to food, brands will provide free products for an honest review. Share your true experience, and get paid.


  • Gain access to new products before they hit shelves.
  • As an influencer, companies are eager to send you samples.
  • An authentic review helps inform your readers.


  • Maintaining objectivity is challenging when getting freebies.
  • Time-consuming to thoroughly test products.

Sponsored reviews, when done right, can benefit your audience and your wallet.

Golden Retriever illustrated as using a laptop
A whimsical portrayal of a Golden Retriever getting in on the blogging action.

7. Offer Paid Services

Become the go-to expert by offering pet consulting or services promoted on your blog. Possibilities include social media management, writing, and coaching.


  • Leverage your niche expertise into service offerings.
  • Global reach - serve clients remotely.


  • You'll attract a lot of unqualified leads.
  • High competition in the pet consulting space.

Turn your passion into profit by launching services that cater to your pet blog audience.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Refer your readers to relevant products and earn a commission for each resulting sale. No inventory required!


  • Little upfront investment - it's all about content creation.
  • Instant access to a global affiliate marketplace.


  • Ongoing optimization required to maintain revenue.
  • Unpredictable month-to-month earnings.

Affiliate links help monetize your existing content while providing a valuable service to your audience.

9. Crowdfunding

Fund passion projects or income gaps by creating a crowdfunding campaign promoted on your blog and social media.


  • Allows you to fund big plans and dreams.
  • Connects you closely with your biggest supporters.


  • Support is never guaranteed. You may not hit targets.
  • Donors expect progress updates and accountability.

With an inspirational campaign and some donor perks, crowdfunding can provide a financial boost.

10. Paid Membership Site

Take your most loyal followers behind the scenes with a paid membership site. Offer exclusive content, perks, and access.


  • Recurring income from monthly memberships.
  • Get direct feedback and build close relationships.


  • Substantial upfront work to provide ongoing value.
  • Retaining members long-term can be challenging.

A membership site lets your biggest fans become active supporters with a monetary commitment.

Colorful parrot illustration on a digital tablet screen
A vibrant digital illustration of a parrot brings a touch of wildlife into the modern digital space.

Launching Your Pet Blog from Scratch

Once you have monetization options in mind, it's time to get your pet blog up and running. Follow these steps to launch your site from scratch.

Choose Your Niche

To stand out in the crowded pet space, identify a specific niche that calling to you. Here are some examples:

  • A specific pet species - cats, dogs, rabbits, etc.
  • Pet health and nutrition
  • Pet product reviews
  • Pet fashion and accessories
  • Pet photography tips
  • Pet adoption and rescue

Analyze competitors and use tools like Google Keyword Planner to ensure there is demand for content in your niche. Pick a focus you're truly passionate about.

Purchase a Domain and Hosting

Your domain name establishes your brand, so make it memorable! For hosting, choose a provider optimized for WordPress blogs like Bluehost or SiteGround.

Choose a CMS Platform

Your content management system (CMS) will make managing and updating your blog easy. We recommend WordPress because of its huge library of themes and plugins, top-notch SEO capabilities, and usability. Self-hosted WordPress also gives you full control over your site.

Optimize Your Site for SEO

Follow SEO best practices to maximize your search traffic and ranking potential. This includes choosing the right keywords, optimizing content structure, using ALT tags on images, and more.

Create Compelling Content

Consistently publishing fresh, high-quality content that engages your niche audience is crucial. Use data from Google Analytics to identify and create more of what your readers love.

Promote Your Blog

Actively promote your pet blog through social media, guest posts, interviews, collaborations with fellow pet influencers, and other marketing tactics. Make sure to closely track the ROI of each effort.

Start Monetizing

Once you've built traffic and an audience, begin rolling out your monetization strategies one by one. Monitor the results of each to see what works best for your niche and readers.

Stay Passionate

Remember your motivation for starting a pet blog in the first place - a genuine love of animals! Let your passion shine through in every post to keep your content and brand authentic.

The dog influencers guide
A starter pack for pet influencers.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it - a complete guide to making money blogging for pet influencers! By mastering search-friendly content, building a loyal following, and implementing multiple income streams, your pet blog can become a thriving business.

The key is to always stay true to your niche, provide value for readers, and have fun while doing it. Don't be afraid to get creative with your monetization strategies.

We hope this gives you clarity and confidence to turn your passion into profits. Woof woof, let's get those pet bucks!


Still have questions? Here are answers to some common queries:

What's the best way to get started with Google AdSense?

Follow Google's step-by-step guide to create an account, get approved, and add code to display targeted ads. Place them thoughtfully and track revenue in your dashboard.

Should I sell physical or digital products?

Try offering both! Digital products provide passive income, while physical merchandise can boost loyalty. Provide a mix based on your strengths.

How do I ensure sponsored posts seem authentic?

Vet brands thoroughly and only partner with those you genuinely like. Write from your experience using the product. Be transparent that it's sponsored.

What are the top affiliate programs for pet blogs?

Major retailers like Chewy, Petco, PetSmart, and Amazon Associates are great for general pet products. Find specialized programs within your niche too.

Can I really turn my pet blog into a full-time job?

Absolutely! Pet influencers like the Dogist earn 6 figures from their blogs. With persistence and the right strategy, you can quit your day job and blog full-time.

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