Become a Pet Influencer on TikTok: Action Plan


Pet Influencer on TikTok

How to Become a Pet Influencer on TikTok and Skyrocket Your Fur-Baby to Fame

Are you absolutely smitten with your adorable fur-baby and love sharing their cute photos and videos with the world? Do you dream of turning your precious pet into a bona fide social media celebrity with legions of adoring fans? 

Well, there's never been a better time to transform your pet into an influencer sensation and gain them the fame they so richly deserve!

With the explosive popularity of TikTok, the short-form video app that's taken the world by storm, pet parents now have an incredible opportunity to showcase their fur-baby's charm, personality and irresistible cuteness to a massive global audience. 

Whether you've got a photogenic feline, a peppy pup, or an exotic animal companion, TikTok provides the perfect platform to build your pet's fan following and potentially even earn income through brand partnerships and sponsorships.

In this ultimate guide, we'll walk you through the key steps to transform your beloved pet into a top dog (or cat, or parrot!) on TikTok. We'll cover:

  • Setting up a perfectly optimized pet TikTok profile that attracts followers
  • Creating engaging, entertaining video content that showcases your pet's star quality
  • Leveraging trending hashtags, challenges and TikTok features to go viral
  • Growing your pet's fanbase and interacting with their loyal followers
  • Partnering with pet brands for paid promotions and sponsorships
  • And much more!

By the end of this guide, you'll have all the tips, tricks and insider secrets you need to make your pet TikTok famous and potentially even turn it into a lucrative side hustle or full-time gig. Let's get started on your pet's path to TikTok stardom, shall we?

A pet receiving likes and comments on social media.

Why TikTok is the Ultimate Platform for Pet Influencers to Thrive

If you're not yet on TikTok, you might be wondering what makes this app such a game-changer for aspiring pet influencers. Here are a few key reasons why TikTok is the place to be for social media savvy pets and their owners:

Huge Global Reach

TikTok has experienced explosive growth, now boasting over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. That's an absolutely massive potential audience for your pet to charm!

Ideal for Short, Snackable Pet Content

TikTok's short-form video format, with clips ranging from 15-60 seconds, is absolutely perfect for capturing cute pet moments, funny antics, and heartwarming interactions. In our fast-paced world, adorable animal videos that are quick and easy to consume tend to stop scrollers in their tracks.

One of TikTok's biggest draws is the never-ending stream of viral trends, hashtag challenges, dance crazes and sound clips that spread like wildfire across the app. And so many of these trends are just begging for creative pet owners to get their fur-babies in on the action! 

From the #PetBirthdayChallenge to #PetsOfTikTok to animal voice-overs and everything in between, participating in TikTok trends is an amazing way to expose your pet to a huge new audience.

Demographics Skew Young & Pet-Obsessed

TikTok has a particularly young user base, with over 60% of TikTokers falling between the ages of 16-24. And you know what this digitally native Gen Z crowd absolutely adores? Cute animal content! Younger folks are also more likely to follow and engage with pet influencers. It's truly a match made in heaven.

An Algorithm Optimized for Discovery

Unlike social platforms that prioritize content from accounts you already follow, TikTok's "For You" page algorithm is specifically designed to surface videos from new creators you might love based on your viewing habits. 

This means even brand new pet accounts have the opportunity to land on thousands of FYPs and gain a following fast if their content resonates.

Okay, now that you're convinced TikTok is the place to be, let's dive into exactly how to position your pet for influencer success on the platform!

Camera capturing a pet's playful moment

Crafting the Perfect Pet Influencer TikTok Profile

Before you dive into creating content, you'll want to set your pet up with an optimized TikTok profile that intrigues potential followers and communicates your fur-baby's unique brand. Here are the key components:

1. Choose a Catchy Handle

Your pet's TikTok username, or handle, is the foundation of their brand identity on the app. Aim for something simple, memorable, easy-to-spell and instantly associated with your pet. A few approaches to consider:

  • Your pet's name (@buddythebeagle)
  • Your pet's name + a descriptor (@mayathecalico, @rogertheraptor)
  • A cute pet pun or alliteration (@fluffyfrenchieforest, @thegoldendoodledudes)
  • Your pet's name + "the" + breed/species (@leothebengal, @ozzytheferret)

If your pet's name is already taken, get creative! Add prefixes like "real", "official", "daily", etc. Or combine their name with their color, size, location or a favorite activity.

2. Upload an Irresistible Profile Pic

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to stopping a speed-scrolling TikTok user in their tracks! Choose a profile photo that clearly showcases your pet's cute face and most distinct features. 

Close-up portraits tend to work best. Other good options include pics in an adorable outfit, making a funny expression, or highlighting your pet's unique markings.

3. Craft a Brand Bio That Hooks

Your pet's TikTok bio is your chance to sell new followers on their account and hint at the type of content they can expect. You've only got 80 characters to work with, so keep it punchy! A few bio ideas:

  • Summarize your pet's most viral-worthy traits (Coffee-obsessed mini dachshund 🐾 Will work for treats)
  • Lean into your pet's breed or species stereotypes (Siberian husky: Sassy, stubborn & snuggly • Howls at 3am)
  • Highlight your pet's unique talents (Skateboarding bulldog 🛹 Featured on @TheEllenShow)
  • Embrace puns and wordplay (Shiba Inu: Much wow, very fluff • Meme king in the making)

Don't forget to throw in an emoji or two to add visual interest! And if your pet has accounts on other social platforms, add a Linktree leading to those profiles.

4. Design Cohesive Profile Branding

Think of your pet's TikTok page as an extension of their unique paw-sonality and identity. Carry your branding through with a cohesive look and feel. 

Choose a color palette that complements your pet. Edit your videos with the same filter presets and fonts. Splash your pet's name or logo throughout your content in a consistent way.

When users land on your pet's profile, it should look and feel noticeably different from other pets on TikTok, just like your fur-baby's one-of-a-kind self! Need inspo? Check out these on point pet TikTok profiles:

  • @itspartythepom: Pastel colors, sparkly fonts & Barbie vibes for a glamorous Pomeranian
  • @coletheblackcat: Shadowy, neon-noir aesthetic for a sleek panther kitty
  • @sullythedoodle: Preppy, primary color branding for a clean-cut golden doodle

Now that your profile is set up for success, it's time to unleash your pet's star power with scroll-stopping TikTok content!

Camera capturing a pet's magnetizing pull on social media

Creating Crave-Worthy, Share-Worthy Pet TikTok Content

The key to transforming your fur-baby into a TikTok sensation? Posting pet content that's entertaining, engaging and tailormade for the platform. But don't worry, you don't need a film degree or fancy camera equipment! TikTok is all about raw, real, low-production clips that capture authentic moments.

Your mission is simply to showcase your pet's unique quirks and irresistible cuteness in a way that makes viewers smile, laugh, say "awww" and most importantly - smash that Follow button! Here's how:

Brainstorm Niche Content Buckets

Start by jotting down a big list of content ideas and themes based on your pet's distinct characteristics, skills and everyday adventures. Some thought-starters:

  • Silly situations your pet gets into (stealing socks, chasing their tail, epic zoomies)
  • Impressive tricks or talents (skateboarding, playing piano, doing math - yes it's a thing!)
  • Daily routine moments (morning stretches, mealtime, snuggle sessions)
  • Reactions to specific words (walkies, treat, bath, vet - the funny faces are endless)
  • Unique features (extra floofy paws, heterochromia eyes, unusually big or small size)
  • Seasonal activities (beach days, leaf piles, holiday dress-up, snow zoomies)
  • Favorite toys or treats (this rubber chicken is life, these cookies are crack)
  • Relatable pet problems (stealing food, blocking the TV, bed hogging)
  • Adorable noises (head-tilt at weird sounds, tiny howls, activation bark)
  • Cute outfits or costumes (because who doesn't love a dog in a tux or a cat in a tutu?)

The key is highlighting what makes your pet unique. Lean into their quirks, no matter how strange or silly. The more specific and niche your content is, the more it'll resonate with folks who love that type of pet content!

TikTok is ALL about trends. The most surefire way to gain exposure for your pet is putting their own spin on what's currently viral on the app. We're talking trending:

  • Songs & sounds (make your pet "sing along" or dance with TikTok's vast library of tracks)
  • Hashtag challenges (get your pet to participate in the latest themed challenge like #petsoftiktok)
  • Video memes (@roothemicromutt eating a popsicle)
  • Humor formats (what your pets are really saying/thinking via voice-over)

Stay on top of trends by checking TikTok's Discover and Trends pages daily. Then get creative filming your pet's take! Use TikTok's editing tools and filters to make the trend your own. And always include the relevant trending hashtag so your video shows up when people explore that trend.

That said, don't be afraid to start your own trends too! Come up with a repeatable concept starring your pet that you can turn into a series. Like:

  • "Things That Make My Rottweiler's Ears Perk Up"
  • "Daily Affirmations With My Cockatiel"
  • "Outfits of the Day With My Fashionista Frenchie"

Shoot these videos on a recurring basis, use a unique hashtag, and encourage others to join in. You might just kick off the next pet challenge sensation!

Collaborate & Duet With Other Pet Accounts

You'll grow faster on TikTok (and have way more fun) by teaming up with fellow pet influencers. Collaborations expose you to each others' followings and create a sense of community. A few collab ideas:

  • Pet playdates or joint adventures, IRL or virtually
  • Split-screen Duets where you recreate another pet's clip with your own
  • Remixing another pet account's audio with your pet's video
  • Pet product hauls or Try-Ons featuring both of your pets
  • "Who Wore It Better" pet outfit battles
  • Pet POV videos pretending to FaceTime each other

Reach out to pet creators with a similar aesthetic and following size as you. And always tag each other to cross-promote!

Unleash TikTok's Cool Features

TikTok has SO many fun, easy-to-use features that make pet videos pop. Experiment with:

  • EFFECTS: From Green Screen to Face Zoom to Color Customizer, TikTok's library of filters and special effects will take your pet videos to new creative heights.
  • SOUNDS: Pair your clips with everything from trending songs to movie quotes to viral voice-overs (chipmunk, vocoder, Siri) that fit your pet's persona.
  • TEXT: Layer on captions, speech bubbles, and dynamic text effects to add your pet's inner monologue, highlight their funniest moments, or provide helpful tips.
  • STICKERS & EMOJIS: Jazz up your pet clips with animated stickers and emojis that make their expressions pop!

By letting your creativity run wild with TikTok's tools and trying new things, you'll stumble upon unique signature editing styles for your pet that no one else is doing!

Post at the Right Cadence

Consistency is absolutely key if you want your pet to become TikTok famous. The most successful pet influencers post fresh content at least once per day, if not multiple times. This signals to the TikTok algorithm that your pet's account is active and engaging.

Of course, quality trumps quantity. It's better to post one amazing pet video per day than to churn out three mediocre ones. Block off time to film your fur-baby in batches so you have a stockpile of clips to edit and post throughout the week.

Pro Tip: Use TikTok's scheduler tool to space your content out. Upload your edited pet videos ahead of time, schedule them to auto-post at peak times, and keep your pet's content calendar on track without burning out!

Include Strategic Hashtags

Hashtags are a crucial way pet videos get discovered on TikTok. When you include relevant hashtags in your post caption, your video will show up whenever someone searches or clicks on that tag.

At minimum, always include a few of the most popular pet-related hashtags like:

  • #dogsoftiktok (112B views)
  • #catsoftiktok (56B views)
  • #petsoftiktok (91B views)
  • #petlover (10B views)
  • #pettok (17B views)

But don't sleep on more niche hashtags specific to your pet's breed, species or unique characteristics. The competition is lower and engagement tends to be higher from true fans of that content. Sprinkle in ultra-specific tags like:

  • #goldenretriever (8B views)
  • #mainecoon (2B views)
  • #puglife (1B views)
  • #hedgehogsoftiktok (80M views)
  • #heterochromia (280M views)

Aim to use 5-8 strategic hashtags per post for maximum discoverability. And always check the hashtags' view counts to ensure you're targeting active, popular tags!

Growing Your Pet's Paw-Some Presence & Fanbase on TikTok

Congrats, you've set up your pet with the ultimate TikTok profile and you're pumping out amazing, entertaining content starring your fur-baby! Now it's time to focus on expanding your pet's reach and growing their follower count.

Promote Your Pet's TikTok Everywhere

To build buzz for your pet's new TikTok account, shout it from the rooftops (or at least your other social media profiles). Spread the word by:

  • Posting your TikToks directly to Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts
  • Uploading a video announcement on your pet's IG feed inviting fans to follow on TikTok
  • Adding a link to your pet's TikTok in their Instagram and Twitter bios
  • Sharing your pet's TikToks on Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn (hey, those tech bros love cute animal content as a break from crypto-talk)
  • Linking to your pet's TikTok on their website or blog
  • Encouraging your pet's existing fans to follow their new TikTok account via IG Stories and email blasts

Engage, Engage, Engage

As your pet's TikToks gain traction, it's CRUCIAL that you take time to thoughtfully respond to every comment, DM and duet. Building relationships with your pet's fans and making them feel seen is what inspires longterm loyalty.

Pin a comment on your most viral videos thanking everyone for the love. Quickly reply to any questions about your pet and ask some in return! Regularly encourage fans to share what videos they'd like to see next and use polls/questions to crowdsource ideas.

And don't just engage with fans - interact with fellow pet creators too! Leave genuine comments on other pets' posts. Introduce yourself via DM and propose collabs. Treat TikTok like a community, not a one-way broadcast, and your pet's presence will grow so much faster.

Fetch Sponsorships From Pet Brands

Once your pet has a decent TikTok following (1,000+ followers is a good benchmark), start reaching out to relevant pet brands about sponsorship opportunities.

Your pet can model products, film reviews, host giveaways or create organic lifestyle content incorporating the brand. For instance, you might showcase your pup playing with a new toy, wearing a branded bandana, or chowing down on a partnering pet food.

Not sure where to start? Check out Top 1000 Pets tiktok Influencers for inspo on the types of brands pets are partnering with on TikTok. You can also use a tool like inBeat to search pet influencers by niche and location to see who's working with companies in your vertical.

The key is pitching brands that authentically fit your pet's vibe and audience. Sponsorships should feel natural and integrate seamlessly with your regular content.

As you gain more TikTok clout, brands may start reaching out to you as well! Make it easy for them by having a business email in your bio and posting content that subtly shows your pet is open to collabs (like tagging fave brands or posting other pets' sponsored videos to your Stories).

Listen to TikTokker Kelly-Jean Baptiste's inspirational story of how she went from video hobbyist to full-time pet influencer, raking in over $220,000 from brand deals for her Shiba Inu pups!

Keep an Eye on Your Analytics

TikTok's native analytics tool provides a goldmine of data on your pet's account growth, viewership, and audience demographics. Use these insights to optimize your content strategy and give brands valuable info during sponsorship negotiations.

A few key metrics to track:

  • FOLLOWER COUNT: Total number of TikTok users who follow your pet's account. Aim to maintain a steady upward trajectory.
  • VIDEO VIEWS: Number of times your pet's videos were watched. Benchmark which types of content get the most eyeballs.
  • AVERAGE WATCH TIME: How long people viewed your pet's video before scrolling. Longer watch times signal high engagement.
  • AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS: Gender, age range, and location breakdown of your pet's followers. Use this to inform content and pitch brands whose target aligns.
  • FOLLOWER ACTIVITY: Which days and times your pet's followers are most active on the app. Schedule your posts during these high-engagement windows.
  • TRENDING SOUNDS & HASHTAGS: See which sounds and hashtags are driving the most views to optimize future content.

Pro Tip: Switch to a TikTok Pro account to access these juicy audience insights!

Final Tips for TikTok Pet Influencer Success

We've covered a lot of ground, but I'll leave you with a few final tips to keep in mind as you embark on your pet's TikTok takeover:

  1. Put your pet's wellbeing first. Never force them to perform or do anything that makes them uncomfortable. If they're not feeling a filming sesh, don't push it. An anxious pet does not compelling content make!
  2. Invest in a few key supplies to level-up production. A ring light, tripod, and fun props (toys, costumes, backdrops) can help your pet's vids look more polished and engaging.
  3. Hop on seasonal trends. Holidays and big cultural moments (awards shows, sporting events, movie releases) are prime pet content opps. Prep a few festive TikToks in advance.
  4. Use a scheduling tool. Posting consistently is a must to keep your pet's account growing. But you've got a life! Use a tool like Hootsuite to pre-schedule a week or month's worth of posts at a time.
  5. Have fun! TikTok is all about joy, humor, and authentic expression. Don't take your pet's account too seriously. Focus on capturing content that makes you smile and others will follow suit.
  6. Keep on top of new features. TikTok is always rolling out new effects and tools to engage users. Stay on top of the latest features via the TikTok Newsroom or Creator Portal and implement them into your pet posts.
  7. Educate yourself on FTC rules. If your pet is landing sponsorships, bone up on the FTC's endorsement guidelines to avoid getting your paw slapped. Always disclose when content is sponsored!

And that's a wrap! You're now equipped with a full toolkit to transform your furry, feathered, or scaly friend into the next big thing on TikTok. Becoming a pet influencer takes work - but it's also a total blast.

So get out there and start filming your pet's big break! With a bit of creativity, consistency and know-how, you'll be raking in the views, fans and sponsored treats in no time. Who knows? Your pet just might become the next Jiff PomNala Cat or Juniper Foxx. Dream big!

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